Win an entire year of free cleaning!

Yup. Really.

Entry Information

So what does ‘free cleaning’ translate to? Well, there aren’t any catches, but we do cap the number of free hours per week at 2. Therefore, if you have a 4 hour weekly clean, we would subsidise 2 out of those 4 hours. Conversely, if you only have 2 hours every fortnight, then not only do you get a more frequent clean, you also get it free of charge for 12 months!

Our competition is currently run every 6 months and you must be a ‘regular customer’ of Cleanily in order to enter. The next draw date is currently set for June 1st 2020.

To enter, please submit (no fewer than 200 words), an answer to the following question:

“Tell us what a clean home means to you”

Be as creative as you like. Why does a clean home matter to you? What do you do with the time you’d have spent cleaning?

Entries will be judged by an impartial third party (to be confirmed) on the merits of the entry alone. Please send entries to

Competition Rules

  • Residential customers only
  • No more than 1 entry per household
  • The competition is open to existing regular customers only (see below)
  • ‘Regular customers’ are defined as those who have had a minimum of 8 cleaning visits before June 1st, with their last clean having taken place no more than 4 weeks prior to the Entry Date. Accounts must not be in arrears at the time of entry.
  • Winners agree to have their photograph taken and posted on the blog section of our website
  • All entries may be published on our blog though no personal information will be published
  • 1 year’s ‘free cleaning’ is defined as a total of 104 hours, at a rate of 2 hours per week
  • Free cleans may be paused for a maximum of 2 consecutive weeks, and for no more than 4 weeks during the free cleaning period