Like everything else at Cleanily, our pricing structure and way of charging is incredibly flexible. We charge by the hour (or part thereof to the nearest 15 minutes). All cleans are timed and GPS tracked to give you the most cost effective pricing possible.

You do not need a quote. We’re not refitting your kitchen, we’re just cleaning it! The likelihood is, you’ll have a good idea how long it takes to clean your home anyway, and if not, we can accurately estimate over the phone in less than a minute. Then, just multiply this amount of time by our hourly rate of £12.95 per hour. So for a 2 hour weekly clean it’s £25.90 per visit for example..

You are not tied in to any minimum number of cleans and there and you’re free to pause (via your online portal) or cancel whenever you wish. If you’ve got a few minute’s to spare, check out the video below on what we found by doing a little research into quotation based pricing. The variation and hassle involved in obtaining a quote is exactly what inspired us to price the way we do.

What you need to know about pricing