Earn the best rates in your area. Choose when & where you work

How it works


  • Do I need cleaning products?

    No, customers provide their own products and vacuum. However, it can be useful to carry a few cloths and products in case customers run out.

  • What's the hourly rate?

    Rates vary between £9 - £10 per hour. Over the course of your first 3 months, you build up to this rate and once reached, also qualify for our bonus scheme.

  • How do I get jobs?

    You tell us how many hours per week you are looking for and we’ll find you them, as close to where you live as possible

  • Can I keep my existing customers?

    Of course! This actually demonstrates that you are a great cleaner :)

  • Our committment to one another?

    We will work very hard to find you the hours you are looking for. We will advertise and proactively promote your cleaning services. In return, all that we ask is that you provide customers we find with a reliable service. Please think very hard whether you are able to do this.

  • Do I need cleaning products?

    As a self-employed service provider, you are your own boss and manage your own micro-business. You decide where, when and what cleaning offers you accept.

  • What does Cleanily do?

    We provide you with insurance, an app to manage your jobs and process payments and of course, customers. You are responsible for managing your customers, i.e. if you are going on holiday, you will need to ask them if they would like cover. We will then try and provide this for them.