How it works


What's the hourly rate?

Rates are between £9 - £10 per hour, and increase based upon number of hours worked. Your customers pay you directly into your bank account the following Friday.

How do I get jobs?

When customers make an enquiry we send out the job via SMS to all registered cleaners in the area. Jobs are allocatd on a first come first served basis.

What does Cleanily do?

We basically help you grow and run your business. Our software handles all your job schedules (available on your app) and payment processing. We also help out with customer service.

Do I need cleaning products

No, customers provide their own products and vacuum. However, it can be useful to carry a few cloths and products in case customers run out.

What is self employment?

As a self-employed service provider, you are your own boss and manage your own micro-business. You decide where, when and what cleaning offers you accept.

How our service works
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